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about park foods trading

Park Foods Trading (PFT) sources, distributes and manufactures global food products for businesses across the US. Anchored by 35 years of multigenerational experience in the field, PFT’s goal is to be a partner to businesses that are seeking high quality food products and easy to manage processes at fair prices. We promise a high standard of innovation, safety compliance and integrity by leveraging its key and long standing relationships with factories, culinary entrepreneurs and R&D experts around the world. No matter the size of the order, whether a pallet or a container, PFT strives to provide a trustworthy and simple way to source food products. 

David Park

David Park was born into the food business. From a very young age, he watched his family establish one of the cornerstone Asian food markets in the Chicagoland area and gained experience in every aspect of the business, from running the cash register to running the day to day operation of the entire business. After decades of experience, David found that an essential relationship in the business was between the supplier and front end retailer. He began having a vision for a business that offered efficient and high quality food sourcing while understanding the details and challenges faced by retailers. A business that could be a true partner to people like his parents.

Steven Park

Over the past 40 years, Steven Park has been a key part of the Asian food industry in the Chicagoland area. He started by doing everything and anything involved in building a food business: salesman, warehouse manager and even driving a truck. He then used that experience to build one of the first successful Asian grocery chains in the Chicagoland area and during that time built relationships with suppliers, factories and distributors based on mutual trust. Today he uses his extensive experience, knowledge and network to facilitate international relationships and innovative solutions for the clients of Park Foods Trading, continuing his goal of helping people in the industry serve the food they love to the communities they care about.

International Sales:

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