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We specialize in manufactured nori products...


Park Foods Trading can help create a nori food product custom fit and private labeled to your brand’s specifications. Our focus is to produce the finest quality nori for your customers by maintaining strict control over the entire process. Our in-house Food Safety Quality Control staff ensure that all nori adhere to stringent specifications in order to maintain product quality. We are involved from harvest to packaging to delivery so we can promise you consistently high quality Nori. 


After we receive an order from you, we work to come up with a detailed and clear production timeline as well as set the ETD and ETA. During that time we communicate regularly and keep you up to update you on shipment details.


We are onsite for the first container shipment delivery of the food product. There we can ensure the quality of the product as well as the process in real time.


After the delivery has been made, we follow up with our clients to make sure the product was made and delivered to their specifications. We also work to regularly update our clients on the trends of the current market. 

... and we use that same seamless process for all of our food products.

Food products we help source include:

  • seaweed snack, seaweed salad, furikake

  • shrimp, lobster tail, snow crab clusters, king crab legs

  • oyster, abalone, masago, tamago, ginger

  • salmon, tuna, unagi, izumidai, escolar

  • korean bbq items, rice cake, sriracha

  • rice, quinoa, sesame seed, udon noodles

  • chickpea, fries, feta cheese

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